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2 Day Transformative Course


If you want to know how to enter a field of synchronicities, then we invite you to come to the Being Limitless meditation retreat .





In this journey, you move from your limited mind, limited self and a limited life to a limitless being and living.

Limitlessness is not an attitude nor is it a state of emotional high. It is an awakened state of consciousness.

Here you will learn the secret to the four states of consciousness that free you from limited habitual ways of thinking and being and expand you into living a limitless life.

There is increasing research today that shows that when we are not focused on a task consciously our brain switches into the default network mode; A set of neural connection that fire away essentially leaving you in habitual thinking. When parts of the DMN is hyper active, you are lost in routine, mechanical thoughts about the same issue over and over again.

Think for a moment..

What is your habitual state? And where does your habitual thinking lead you to?
Is it irritation, frustration, anxiety or stress?

In the being limitless meditation retreat you will learn meditations and principles that will calm your brain stress responses. That will reduce the activity of the brain’s default network.

In essence you will move away from Stressful states to beautiful states where joy creativity, love become effortless.

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Preethaji, Founder of O&O Academy will lead this deeply transformative spiritual journey.

Preethaji is a sage who impacts her students through the power of her consciousness. She is a mentor and teacher to the community of teachers at the Academy in India. She is a philosopher who has created deeply transformative spiritual journeys for seekers. In her teachings Preethaji brings about a convergence of 2 worlds – the scientific and the transcendental, the intellect and the heart. Learning from Preethaji is awakening to a new consciousness, a new life and the power to create a new world.

  • Whom is Being Limitless relevant to?
  • Each one of us play more than one role in life.
  • Are you a home maker who is passionate about creating perfect relationships?
  • Are you a business entrepreneur who is passionate about creating fulfilling achievements?
  • Are you a creative artist who is passionate to make an impact through your potential?
  • Are you a professional who is passionate to create abundance and prosperity?
  • Are you a student passionate to excel and innovate?
  • Are you a leader who is passionate to lead from heart and intuition?
  • Are you a spiritual seeker who is passionate to live in a beautiful state of great peace, joy?
  • Whoever you are in life, Being Limitless will lead you to a direct experience of the profound truth that you are a limitless being. Once this truth is realised, the doors to a magical life opens.

Everything you need to know

Being Limitless will be arranged in the central parts of Stockholm. We will gather in a venue called Meeting Room. The venue is located on nice and vibrant Kungsholmen in Stockholm. There are good communication possibilities and a large selection of restaurants, hotels and nice shopping close by. Kungsholmen is close to Bromma airport, Skavsta airport and only 20 minutes from Arlanda airport. You come here easily with T-Bana 3 Blue Line.


Saturday 08.30 – 20.00, Sunday 08.00 – 18.00
Registration starts at 07.45 Saturday and the venue ends at 18.00 on Sunday
Address: Alströmergatan 20, 11247 Kungsholmen


Ordinary price for tickets is 4910 SEK
Early bird price is 3920 SEK until 17th February 2019


If you register as group, 5 people at the same time. All people in that batch gets 10% discount. Contact your organizer for more information.


Translation to Swedish will be given in App Zoom. To listen to translation, you need to bring a device and a set of headphones. You need to download App Zoom before you reach the venue. At site you will get further instructions for translation.


Meeting Room is located in R.O.O.M.´s old place at Alströmergatan 20, a short walk from Fridhemsplan in Stockholm. It is easy to get here and close to both buses and subway m. Bring comfortable clothes, something warm for your feet, water bottle and notebook. There are many nice options for accommodation close by. We have arranged a special price for course participants at Connect Hotels City. This hotel is located on the opposite side of the street from the venue. If you want to know more about this, please tell as you register. There is a limited number of rooms. We have also arranged a vegetarian food package with 2x lunch and dinner Saturday.
Please tell as you register if you like to have more information about this.


When you register you can make all your choices and you will have the invoice sent to your email with a payment of 10 days. After finalizing payment, the ticket will be sent to your email. Please remember to bring this ticket to the venue.

The Teamet gives you a heartfelt welcome to this amazing course together with O&O Academy!


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Feel the Joy of Living Free

Freedom Unbound

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How long is the course?

Being Limitless is a 2 -day spiritual intensive program. You have to book your stay at the hotel or at any nearby place of your convenience.

What happens each day?

Each day begins at 9:00 am and ends around 7:00 pm with breaks for meals, morning and afternoon tea and to attend to any personal needs.

Every day you will go through liberative wisdom, mediations, mystical and reflective processes and The Limitless Field Meditation with Preethaji leading you to a powerful transformation of your consciousness..

Who are the teachers and how is the course presented?

Being Limitless is conducted by Preethaji (Founder of O&O Academy) supported by the faculty members.

Will I have a chance to ask questions in the course?

Yes, in fact you are encouraged to enquire, question and learn.

How much interaction is there with the other participants? Will we work together in groups, with individual teachers?

There will be times when you are interacting with other participants as well as periods of silence and inner reflection.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the course?

You may come to the course as you are, without preparation. However, if you wish to maximize your experience, we recommend you to practice the Soul Sync Practice. Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities. Heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind.
You could download Soul Sync from here and save into your personal mp3 player / iPods and practice them.

It is best to eat moderately several days before.

We recommend that you do not consume any alcoholic or narcotic substances, excluding physician prescribed medication, for several days before in order to prepare your system for the shifts in consciousness that will occur during the course.

Be well rested, receptive and reflective.

Can my children attend?

We recommend the course for ages 16 and greater.

What will be the outcome for me if I did the Being Limitless?

Being Limitless is an intensive spiritual journey lasting for a period of 2 days. 
Seekers, thinkers, leaders, families and individuals come to the Being Limitless to awaken to wealth consciousness.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

We recommend that you dress comfortably and simply with an emphasis on modesty.  Non-revealing clothes that cover the shoulders, chest and knees are recommended. Shorts that come up to the knee are recommended. Tight, transparent or revealing clothes, such as short skirts, tights and leggings, sleeveless or skimpy tops are not preferred.  The key is to wear comfortable, loosely fitted clothes that breathe and are preferably made of cotton or other natural fibers.
Remaining fully clothed at all times is necessary.

What about photography and videography while on the Being Limitless course?

OWAH reserves the right to film, record and take photographs at the Being Limitless, including, and not necessarily limited to, the Intensive and to use them for promotional purposes. Participants who prefer that their images not be used are asked to identify themselves at registration upon arriving at the Being Limitless and let the organiser know. Whilst photos and videos are permitted outside of the sessions; personal video/audio recording within the sessions is strictly prohibited..

“Our Vision is a total revolution in consciousness from I-Consciousness to One-Consciousness. From a Suffering state to a Beautiful state. From Self preoccupation to Connection. From Division to Being One.”


"We have been privileged to experience the Oneness Blessings and teachings of ‘Oneness’, which have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be united with all. We have always been on a spiritual path and the Oneness Blessings and teachings have heightened that experience. We are truly grateful.”
Hugh Jackman
Actor, Producer, Muscian
The Oneness Blessing gives us the opportunity to connect to that which we long for, our Higher Self, giving us the ability to experience peace and guidance and to fulfill our life’s purpose.
Donna Karan
Fashion Designer
"Every human being deserves to be in this state. To operate, live, and experience from a beautiful, happy, pure, and joyful loving state."
Praveen Kenneth
Founder/Chairman, Elohim and Kenneth Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
"I realised my attachment to my identities is at the heart of my suffering. I have experienced deep freedom, self love and self compassion this week. That these states are possible is hugely uplifting and confidence building."
Mike Novogratz
Principal & Director , Fortress Investment Group
This has helped me realize that life doesn't change just by changing one's stories. One needs to figure out what is really the truth behind the issues of our life in order to address them.
Ari Emanuel
Co-CEO of WME-IMG, Owner of UFC
"A process like this would take you to a place where you can address, chaos and craziness with greater equanimity and when you do that, you make better business decisions."
Casey Sheahan
CEO Patagonia Inc., 2005 - 2014


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